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Local election is climate election! Bielefeld has to act! NOW! Act on climate change – React on social and economic issues due to Coronavirus – Take a stand against discrimination and exclusion – Make an impact on our environment, that is long-lasting!

We are fully convinced that this election, the local election in Bielefeld on September 13th 2020, is crucial to shift the political focus on fighting climate change and social injustice. If not now, when?!

To ease political participation of ALL, to give ALL people a voice, to empower ALL people to go vote, we translated our GREEN short program in several languages.

Our short program is now available in

  • An easily accessible German/ deutsch leichte Sprache
  • Greek/ Ελληνικά
  • Turk/ Türk
  • Russian/ русский
  • Polish/ Polskie
  • Arabic/ عربى
  • English.

#voteclima #govote #yourvotematters